The HERTH line, from the design to the final product, aims to be respectful to the people and preserve nature’s essence in every piece offered

Zero Waste Pattern philosophy and Slow Fashion approach are fundamental to our values as a business. Throughout our entire creative process, every collection is modeled and sized so that each tiny piece of fabric is allocated to a certain piece, creating no leftover material leaving absolutely none to waste. 

Our design philosophy is the search of essentiality, creating something that will stay in your closet forever. We go with the natural rhythm of production with a goal to inspire conscious buying habits. 

We only use natural fibers from renewable sources, 100% biodegradable, cruelty free, CO2 neutral, energy and water saving and non-polluting. Our GOTS Certified Organic Silk is ethically and responsibly produced according to The Global Organic Textile Standard. 

Every garment from HERTH’s collection is produced in Italy by local artisans in ethical work conditions. 

We ship worldwide with DHL GO GREEN and UPS CARBON NEUTRAL solutions. These Eco-Friendly alternatives allow us to maintain our sustainability promise throughout the entire supply chain and enable us to reduce CO2 emissions.
With these solutions, all transport-related emission of carbon are first calculated and then offset through external climate protection projects. Therefore, it also allow us to make a contribution to promoting the economy in less developed countries and improving the lives of local people. 

From beginning to end, our supply chain aims to respect the environment and people. HERTH only partners with those who share our goals and beliefs of sustainability and certified homegrown excellence.