We want you in the know
Oftentimes, supply chains in fashion are overly complex, which can make it nearly impossible to trace and verify a company's environmental and labor standards. 

One of the main goals for HERTH is a simple, transparent and, traceable Supply Chain.

From beginning to end, our supply chain aims to respect people and the environment. HERTH only partners with those who share our goals and beliefs of sustainability and certified homegrown excellence. 

What Is Blockchain And Why We Use It.

Are we REALLY sustainable? 
Yes, but don’t just take our word for it. 

We use Blockchain technology in the QR codes that you can find on our tags and labels. This will enable you to identify the journey of all our garments from their origin to final destination and to know the full list of suppliers and their certifications, contents around fabric and more, from raw material to shipping.

Blockchain may sound like a complicated concept. In summary, it helps to verify the validity of information inserted in each ‘block’, through various sources, ensuring that the sustainability story presented by a brand is aligned with the actual process. 

Your trust in HERTH is vital to us as a brand, just like the health of Planet is vital to us human beings.