HERTH – a fusion of HER (the female pronoun) and EARTH (Mother Nature).
Our raison d’être is right there in the name.

HERTH was built to embody the principles of timelessness, quality, and sustainability by celebrating color, essential silhouettes, and Italian craftsmanship. Our inclusive collection with its contemporary design is made from natural certified fibers and organic, qualitative GOTS certified silk combining effortlessly elegance and versatile femininity.

A brand that transcends trends, HERTH integrates the concept of slow fashion, staying true to our roots of sustainability and top-tier artisanal quality. We aim to give all women the sheer pleasure of not just wearing a piece of meticulously crafted clothing, but also exhibiting confidence in its provenance.

Sustainability is at the center of everything we do. HERTH, from the design to the final product, aims to be respectful to the environment and people, to inspire conscious buying habits.

The Woman Behind HERTH
Antonietta had a clear purpose in mind: to create an inclusive brand that reflected her vision of timelessness and sustainability. 

With a clear formula of combining ethics with aesthetics, she built HERTH by conjoining three key elements: Respect for Planet and People, a personal need and, a strong desire to bring her vision to life.

Antonietta’s commitment is to create an essential and modern brand where slow is better, the garments are made with care and, where materials and people are at the epicenter of the brand; by promising an ethical and traceable supply chain.

Each collection is an embodiment of her vision; a timeless, elegant, versatile, and ethical line for every occasion and every woman.

Antonietta’s true belief lies in the fact that sustainable brands create a sustainable consumer base.