Our sustainability path is a constant journey of Learning and Discovery.
The HERTH line, from the design to the final product, from packaging to shipments, aims to be respectful to the people and preserve nature’s essence in every piece offered.

The Great 7: 

1. We promise…. To Use fabrics made from a singular natural fiber: GOTS certified organic silk. Fibers from renewable sources which are 100% biodegradable, cruelty free, free from chemical substances, CO2 neutral and non-polluting allow us to safeguard water and energy resources and, the renewability of materials that is essential for a circular economy.

2. We promise…. Ease of Recycling clothing. Our refusal to use materials such as elastane in our silk ensures our pieces are 100% recyclable. The biggest problem when it comes to recycling fabrics is the mixed fibers within their composition, unlike HERTH, which is wholly made of natural silk.

3. We promise…. A Zero Waste Pattern philosophy. Every collection is modeled and sized to ensure every piece of fabric is allocated to a certain garment resulting in no materials going to waste.

4. We promise…. A Slow Fashion way of being. Throughout the creative process, our ideology is to create something that will stay in your closet forever. We go with the natural rhythm of production as opposed to rushing with a new collection every season. Our goal is to also support our consumers in reaching a point of zero waste.

5. We promise…. A Transparent Supply Chain. With our use of Blockchain technology, every garment is traceable from its origin to your doorstep, allowing you to see a full list of suppliers and their certifications, contents around our Gots Certified Organic Silk, production and more, from raw material to shipping.

6. We promise…. To Uphold Ethical Work Conditions. Every person involved in our production process is given the assurance of fair living wages and comfortable working conditions. We support homegrown businesses and solely work with Italian certified entities.

7. We promise…. To Give back to the Environment. To fulfil this goal, we are partnering with “One Percent for The Planet” and pledge to donate 1% of our total annual sales to support the planet.