HERTH – a fusion of HER (the female pronoun) and EARTH (Mother Nature).
Our raison d’être is right there in our name, which embodies the power of our identity



HERTH is a lifestyle brand which celebrates the cool side of sustainability. An ode to colours, clean silhouettes, meticulous attention to detail and Italian craftsmanship. This turns into a wearable day-to-night silkwear collection featuring a contemporary design and a refined but eclectic soul.

Every item is made from natural certified fibers - our GOTS Certified Organic Silk- and is handcrafted by local artisans. We stand for supply chain transparency, which is achieved through blockchain technology, with the intention of preserving people and the Planet while guaranteeing the best combination of human and natural creations.

After a long search on raw materials, we selected only the purest GOTS organic silk, which translates into a unique color brightness and an unparalleled sensuous feel. The exclusive nuances composing our color palette, which takes inspiration from the most beautiful natural creations, have been developed uniquely for HERTH season after season, nurturing the consciousness of wearing something rare and precious.


Our attention to detail results in sophisticated manufacturing techniques, which require top-tier craftsmanship and up to 6 tailor hours. We avoid chemicals substances - respecting the skin - and elastic fibers to maintain the purity of the fabric and highlight the perfection of the cut which, for every style, is carefully considered to avoid any fabric waste and enhance every silhouette.



HERTH’s ideology is founded on the belief that all women should feel confident and comfortable. We are a Body Positive Brand with sizes ranging from XS to XXL. We take pride in flaunting those perfect imperfections that make us so unique.

Our design philosophy finds its roots in an essential and effortless design, an understated luxury which reveals the importance of the essential, of pure shapes, top certified raw materials and sustainable craftsmanship. Every capsule is composed by a selection of timeless pieces characterized by clean silhouettes and unique colors, designed for an easy and seasonless mix and match.

Sustainability is at the center of everything we do. HERTH, from the design to the final product, from packaging to shipments, aims to be respectful to the environment and people, to inspire conscious buying habits.



Antonietta, the founder and designer of HERTH, had a clear plan in her mind: she wanted to create an inclusive brand reflecting her vision of timelessness and sustainability. 

With a clear formula, combining ethics with aesthetics, she built HERTH by conjoining three key elements: respect for Planet and People, the strong desire to bring her vision to life and the promise of an ethical, transparent, and traceable supply chain. Antonietta’s commitment is to create a minimal and contemporary brand with people at its heart, where slow is better, every garment is made with care from top-quality, local and certified natural raw materials.

Antonietta is deeply convinced that sustainable brands create sustainable consumers.   

We are committed to long-term sustainability and responsible business practices, with the goal to inspire conscious buying habits.